How to Organize Your Home

Spring has finally found its way back to us once again, and you’re probably gearing up for a little spring cleaning. Well, while you’re scrubbing the baseboards and wiping down the walls, you might want to take this time to add organization to your to-do list.

Life can get a little cluttered, you know.

There are plenty of benefits that come from decluttering and organizing your home. First and foremost, it’s just easier to find what you’re looking for. It helps to keep your home feeling fresh and new, but beyond that, it’s good for you! It helps to reduce stress and gives your self-esteem a boost.

Don’t know where to start? Here are five ways to get organized and declutter your home.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

When you get started, get three boxes and label them “Keep,” “Donate,” and “Trash.” As you go through your things, put each item into one of the three boxes. If that is overwhelming, set some criteria for getting rid of something. For instance, if you haven’t worn something in three months or six months then donate or trash it.

You know, your space is so much more relaxed and peaceful when the clutter is gone and apartment living is no different.

Organize Storage Spaced

When you organize and tidy up your storage spaces, keep it simple. Toss out what you don’t need or want and neatly arrange what’s left so that you can free up additional space for the items that you are keeping — you know, the “good stuff.”

When you are ready to organize drawers and cabinets, divide the area into sections to make it easier and to break up the monotony of cleaning one large area all at once. Incorporate storage bins, baskets, and dividers to make your work easier.

Use Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is great, especially if you are living in a small space. Vertical storage containers stack and take up more space vertically than they do horizontally. Think tall canisters, jars, and stacking bins that allow you to fill up the space going up when surface space is limited.

Utilize Wasted Space

Spaces under stairs, in corners, and under benches are often wasted space. Utilize it by turning it into storage areas! Build boxes under benches, build shelves and drawers under stairs, and use corner shelves to make use of space that might seem unusable. It will take a little creativity, but it is not impossible. Just look for areas that are awkward or aren’t being used and turn them into something you can use.

Get Your Fridge into Ship Shape

If you’re like most people, you dread opening your refrigerator. How does a fridge get clutters so fast?

The good news is the fix is pretty fast and simple. Go through it and clean it out thoroughly. Throw away anything expired or that you know you will never consume. Next, get various sized bins and use them to organize your refrigerator beautifully and make it much more manageable. Adopt an “everything has a place” mentality, and you will be able to keep your fridge — and the rest of your home — clean and clutter-free.

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