Fall is just around the corner, and winter will be here before we know it! Apartments in Aurora, Colorado, are notorious for being cold during the winter months. Still, these simple tips can help you stay comfortable through the season.

Here are five things you can do right now to make sure your place is in tip-top shape when winter comes around.

Do a Fall Declutter

Clean up your apartment and declutter before the season sets in. Get rid of anything unnecessary and check for any leaks or water damage throughout your apartment before the cold weather hits.

Some pipes may spring a leak as soon as it starts getting chilly outside, which is why it’s essential to get ahead of the game. Packing away your summer clothes and sporting gear can also help you discover what needs replacement at the end of a season.

Test Your Heating

It is crucial to ensure that your heater or air conditioning system is in good working order before winter sets in. First, run your heater, so you know it’s working. Then, clean out any vents and filters you might have to make sure all the vents are clear and free of any obstructions. Cleaning out dust from around vents will help circulate air more efficiently.

Reverse Ceiling Fan Blades

If you have ceiling fans, reverse the direction of the ceiling fan blade clockwise. This will help push warm air down to where you need it. Then, when summer comes back around, simply switch the direction of your ceiling fan back to counter-clockwise so they can distribute cool air throughout the space.

Don’t Forget Your Window Treatments

Take a look at how much light is coming into your apartment during each season and adjust your window treatments accordingly. For example, if you have heavy drapes or shades that block out most of the light, it might be time to switch them up for something lighter and airier. This will help keep heat in during the winter months and cool air inside when summer comes around again!

Check Windows and Doors for Insulation

Ensure you have solid insulation on all of your windows and doors. Insulation is another great way to keep heat inside and cold air out. Still, it also helps with noise reduction, which you’ll appreciate once the holiday season gets into full swing. Apart from insulation, weather-stripping around doors can help seal updrafts, so you stay warm in the cold Colorado months without having to overheat the whole place during the summer.

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