Living in Aurora means you’ll see over 240 days of sunshine per year, and since many units for rent have balconies at the Legacy at Fitz, you’ll have no trouble nurturing a green thumb while you’re there. This short guide will help you choose the right plants for your new apartment and keep them happy.

The Best Indoor Plants for Aurora Apartments

The first step to becoming a green thumb is choosing the right plants for the climate. Since Colorado is very dry year-round, drought-tolerant plants do best. Potted plants may have to move inside or outside, depending on the weather. Choosing a plant that’s tolerant to temperature change is important as well.

Pothos Plants

Pothos are one of the hardiest plant breeds. They grow long vines that can reach up to ten feet long and don’t require much light or moisture. Beautiful and low maintenance, they’re the perfect plant for a macramé hanger.

Snake Plants

Snake plants thrive on little water and are nearly indestructible. They come in many color variations and sizes. The added benefit of having a snake plant in your home is air quality. Snake plants are natural air filters that provide a lot of oxygen.

Spider Plants

Want a plant that keeps on giving? Spider plants grow fast and can be divided many times. Just make sure to move them away from the windows in the winter since they aren’t fond of cold weather.


Succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re easily grown in decorative containers, so long as they have lots of light and good drainage. Succulents are ideal for Aurora apartments since many are related to cacti and drought-resistant.

Choosing a low-maintenance plant breed that flourishes in your climate is essential. You can easily find these plants near Legacy at Fitz in local plant nurseries.

Tips for Care

Now that you’ve chosen a houseplant for your new apartment, here are some tips on how to keep them green.

Watering Less is More: Plants like succulents and snake plants can go weeks or months without water and thrive. Keep watering to a minimum.

Know the Types of Sunlight: Full sun plants require a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day.

Use Containers with Good Drainage: Use a pot with holes and a tray at the bottom, so water has a place to exit. Too much water in the soil will cause root rot.

Legacy at Fitz provides apartments for rent in an optimal location for you and your plants. With a beautiful year-round climate, you’ll both have no trouble thriving.

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