Aurora is known as a bustling city with art, food, and culture near Denver. But if you’re the type of person who brings their pet to as many places as possible, you may feel stuck with little to do. Legacy at Fitz Apartments has created a list of pet-friendly activities in Aurora, CO, to help you make the most of your time with your pet.

Enjoy the Outdoors at a Pet-Friendly Park

One of the best pet-friendly things you can do in Aurora is to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog at Grandview Dog Park, located near the Quincy Reservoir. With over five acres to run and play on, your dog can get exercise and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine safely. If you’re interested in meeting fellow dog owners and socializing with your pooch, you’ll have plenty of opportunities here. The park even has a small dog section.

Cherry Creek State Park is open for you and your dog to explore the great outdoors. With places to splash and trails to roam, the park offers something for both of you. In total, you and your pooch will have over 107 acres to walk, run, and enjoy. Plus, the park has a fenced-in area where your pup can play off-leash.

Take Your Pet Trail Hiking

Sand Creek Greenway Trail is both family and dog-friendly. The trail extends 14 miles through Aurora and Denver. It offers the convenience of pit stops for you along the way, as well as plenty of natural wonders for you, and your pet to enjoy. You’ll find creeks and parks where you and your pet can play. Since it’s a public trail, officials ask that you keep your dog on a leash at all times. As shown by these maps, you can start at various points to incorporate the places most desirable for you and your pet

Share a Cold One With Your Furry Best Friend

You can sit outside and enjoy an ice-cold brew while your pooch relaxes next to you at the Dry Dock Brewing Co. South Dock. This brewery offers a variety of flavors, like sour apricot and vanilla. You can taste wine, beer, hard seltzers, and more.

Aurora is a pet-friendly area for residents. You’ll find locations for your dog to exercise or places where they can meet new friends. Plus, when you live at Legacy at Fitz, we offer amenities for you and your pet to enjoy. Call us today at (833) 321-0479 or use our contact form if you have any questions or would like more information.

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