If you’re considering moving to Aurora, Colorado, here are five reasons why renting might be your best option. Renters occupy just about two-thirds of all homes in Aurora—and for a good reason. Some perks of renting include security, affordability, flexibility, and amenities. To see how you take advantage of these benefits in Legacy at Fitz, fill out the form to schedule your tour today.

No Mortgage Stress

Compared to homeownership, renting can be less stressful. Homeowners must worry about constantly improving their home’s value to protect their investment. Tenants need only pay rent each month. Consider renting from Legacy at Fitz Apartments if you’re ready to avoid mortgage stress and still live in Aurora.

Avoid Home Repairs

Upkeep is a significant concern for many homeowners. Whether you’re concerned about an upcoming home repair or just uninterested in maintenance, there are plenty of reasons to avoid owning a home outright—including cost and convenience. For example, when renting an apartment complex like Legacy at Fitz Apartments, you don’t have to worry about upkeep (we deal with all repairs), which means your time and money are saved for other things!


One thing about renting is that it’s ideal because it gives you flexibility. You can move when you want to move. Once your lease is up, you can leave and find a new apartment without putting down money. You can even try different units in the same complex until you find one you love.


When the housing market crashed in 2008, many homeowners were left stuck with negative equity; their homes were worth less than what they owed. For renters, it was a different story. Rental properties tend to be more stable than houses and condos because the owners are more motivated to maintain high-quality units if they intend on renting for long periods.

Legacy at Fitz Apartments Amenities

Aurora, Colorado, is one of Colorado’s fastest-growing cities. Our community in Aurora offers easy access to everything you need at Legacy at Fitz Apartments. We have amenities that most apartments for rent don’t, including a community room and a relaxing pool. Don’t forget about our spacious floor plans with oversized closets and stainless steel appliances.

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